Frequently Asked Questions About Ballot Question 3

What does question 3 cover?

Question 3 is an amendment to the Nevada Constitution that will require the Nevada Legislature to enact laws which give consumers, “a meaningful choice” of electricity providers by June 30,2023. In essence, Question 3 is intended to provide an open market for buying electricity.


Question 3 promises lower rates, but may not, deepening on market forces……

 The language of Question 3 promises lower rates, but without a regulation system neither the backers of Question 3 nor the Nevada Legislature can control deregulated markets. Prices for electricity are just as likely to go up as they are to go down and states which operate with open markets have mostly higher rates then Nevada’s current prices.


Several other states have open-access electric markets, why shouldn’t Nevada?

While it’s true that a few other states have instituted an open retail electricity market, none have done so in the last 20 years and none have ever used a Constitutional amendment to do so.

Amending the Constitution is also a lengthy process. If for any reason Nevadans want to make changes, it will be a minimum of six years before another constitutional amendment can be enacted. Going back to where we are now will not be an option if the change results in failures.



Nevada Farm Bureau Policy 267 Electrical Power


Due to lessons learned from ENRON’s market manipulation, we understand there are significant advantages to sensible oversight and assurance for market integrity. We support a regulatory system with a focus on priority attention for reliability and service.


If the Energy Choice ballot question is passed, we oppose the spreading of costs associated with the change-over to all energy users. Consequences of started costs for generation or other areas linked to this change should be borne by shareholders and customers of the affected energy company.


We support the acceptance of the exemption of power companies that fall under “association of persons.”  


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