Meet Your Young Farmers and Ranchers State Committee!

Meet your Young Farmers and Ranchers State Committee!

Interested in joining the Nevada Young Farmers & Ranchers (YF&R) program? YF&R is a committee designed for young individuals who are both agriculture producers and enthusiasts between the ages of 18 and 35 years old.

We are happy to announce the State YF&R Committee and encourage you to reach out if interested in joining.


Ashley Bunker- YF&R Committee Chair

Ashley is a part of a family operation that involves Corriente roping steers. She has been involved in the Clark County Young Farmers and Ranchers since 2011. She enjoys helping local FFA chapters and school with the Women's Leadership Committee. Ashley has served as the Young Farmers and Ranchers Chair on the State Committee for one year. In her term the committee has grown to collect more sponsors and started a fundraiser selling YF&R hats. She has three beautiful children and loves creating crafts for them and other families.





Sarah Stallard- District 1

Sarah Stallard is a 7th generation farmer at Las Vegas Livestock, a feeder finisher operation where she manages 5,000 pigs along with 300 laying hens, it is also one of the largest food scrap feeding operations in the U.S. Sarah graduated from Colorado State university with a Masters in Animal Science and after moving to Nevada and is starting to get active in her local Farm Bureau as Clark County YF&R chair. She is also involved in Pork Check off serving as Nevada's state delegate, sitting on the animal welfare committee, and as an OMS speaker.



Kari Brough- District 2

Born and Raised on a dry farm in northern Utah her family raised mostly barley, alfalfa, and hard red winter wheat on their fifth-generation farm just outside of bear river city. In 2011 Kari and Jordan got married after meeting at Utah State University. She graduated from Utah State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in agriculture with an emphasis in aviation. Jordan and Kari moved back to Brough Ranch in 2015 and started the 4th generation of Brough’s to help run their family ranch. 

Kari and Jordan have 2 beautiful children Chester (3) Evalyn (1) who work right besides them on the ranch and keep them busy. 

Kari has many job titles but to sum it all up she is a stay at home ranch mom, which means she does a little bit of everything. Her biggest input on the ranch is with the sales of American Kobe Beef, this includes everything from photography to online sales and farmers markets. 

Kari is the YF&R president for Elko county and has been a chair member of the State committee for 4 years. Her favorite part is getting to see the great things young farmers and ranchers are doing with their own ranches. She looks forward to another great year and is excited to see how the state will move forward.  


Monica Washburn-Schroeder- District 3

Monica Washburn-Schroeder is a 6th generation farmer and rancher in Churchill County.  Her family runs a 350 head cow/calf herd and farm over 800 acres of alfalfa and other rotational forage crops. She grew up working cows with her dad and farming with her grandma, grandpa and mom. She is currently the secretary for Churchill County’s Farm bureau and the Young Farmers and Ranchers Group. She is also a 4H livestock club leader and on the county’s livestock show board committee. Though she doesn't get to devote all of her time farming and ranching just yet, she has tried to keep close to the industry working jobs as a vet supply store manager, a wild land firefighter and currently at Stanislaus Farm Supply.




Blane Merkley- Collegiate YF&R

Blane Merkley is currently serving on the Nevada State YF&R Committee and as the Collegiate YF&R President at the University of Nevada, Reno Chapter. He is a founding member of the Collegiate YF&R chapter. He is representing Nevada this year at the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting while competing in the discussion meet in New Orleans. He is from Churchill County, but currently living in Reno for College. Blane is a senior in college pursing a bachelor’s degree in agriculture science and Business Administration.


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