NDA increases efficiency thanks to online livestock assessment

Letters were mailed to all livestock owners in June

For the second year in a row, the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) is only accepting online livestock assessment renewal. Going digital with programs like livestock assessments (also known as head tax) and brand inspections increases our department’s efficiency, making the process easier and quicker for you, while also keeping costs down.

Online renewal is easy

1. Open your web browser and visit https://nv.certifyag.com/headtax/.

2. Log in using your livestock assessment number (LA#) and livestock pass code to retrieve your record (provided in the renewal letter mailed to you in June).

3. Update your contact information (most fields are required, and the form will not work if required fields are left blank) and click “save and continue.”

4. Enter your number of livestock (if no animals were present in Nevada for an animal type, please enter zero in the field) and the number of months spent in Nevada.

5. Pay online with an e-check (an electronic version of a paper check, which can be used by anyone with a checking account) or credit card number.

6. Print your receipt for your records.

All livestock owners are required to pay head tax

If you have not received a letter from the NDA with your livestock assessment number, please contact our Elko office at 775-738-8076. Anyone who owns livestock in any amount (even if it’s only one horse or goat) is required by law to pay head tax. If total head tax is between $0 and $10, NRS Chapters 575.185 and 562.170 require a minimum payment of $10, unless you only raise sheep (in that case your minimum payment is $5).

Head tax protects livestock owners

Although administered by the NDA, this program was put in place by livestock owners during the 1961 Nevada Legislature for the protection of their livestock and is funded by inspection fees and assessments. To keep the fees as low as possible, each owner must declare and pay his/her fair share.

Avoid suspension of brand inspections and movement permits

Please note that when records indicate an unpaid 2017 or 2018 livestock assessment fee, there will be an immediate suspension of all brand inspections, livestock movement permits and any registered Nevada Brands associated with that livestock assessment number.

Under Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) Chapters 575, 561 and 567 the NDA has authority to collect certain special taxes on livestock. These special taxes include:

  • Livestock Inspection Tax, which helps support brand inspection, livestock and horse theft investigations and animal health issues
  • Wool Growers Predatory Animal Control Tax, which helps support the predatory animal damage control program
  • Sheep Inspection Tax, which supports sheep disease control and other activities related to Nevada’s sheep industry

If you have any questions, please contact our Elko office at 775-738-8076.

By Doug Farris, Animal Industry administrator

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