NDA releases request for proposals for Virginia Range estray horses

The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) released today a request for proposals (RFP) to identify a new owner of the Virginia Range estray horses. The RFP comes after a directive given by the Nevada Board of Agriculture during their Dec. 12, 2017 meeting.

“The intent, as outlined by the board during their meeting and in the RFP, is to select an owner that will work to keep the horse population on the range and facilitate adoptions of any horses that need to be removed from the range,” Director Jim Barbee said.

Per the RFP, potential owners must detail plans and ability in five areas: livestock management (including addressing public safety risks), fertility control, stakeholder and local government coordination, partnership development and management, and fund development.

“Our number one priority has always been the protection of public safety, which requires access to resources that we have never possessed,” Director Barbee said. “Our hope is that, under new ownership, the horses can be managed on the range according to their needs. The selected nonprofit owner will have full decision-making capacity.”

The Virginia Range estray horse population includes all feral and estray horses roaming in the area from highway 395 to 95A and I-80 to highway 50. The most recent census shows there were 2,951 horses counted in the Virginia Range area.

The RFP will include two question and answer periods and can be found online.

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