Nevada Farmers Bureau Announces Opposition to Question 3

Group representing more than 14,000 Nevada families is latest to join the Coalition to Defeat Question 3

Today, the Nevada Farmers Bureau - representing more than 14,000 Nevada families including 1,300 farmers and ranchers across the state - announced its opposition to Question 3, a risky and costly Constitutional Amendment on this November’s statewide ballot that would dismantle and deregulate Nevada’s existing electricity system and leave consumers and small businesses with higher electric rates and a less reliable electricity system.

“Nevada farmers and ranchers depend on affordable, reliable electricity, and we are deeply concerned that Question 3 could possibly put our families, businesses and communities at risk,” stated Bevan Lister, President of the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation. “Question 3 has the potential of hurting rural electric cooperatives that many of our farmers and ranchers rely on for daily operations, whether it’s to run irrigation systems that keep crops growing or to help farmers maintain healthy livestock. Question 3 would also likely raise electricity rates on all farmers, ranchers, and families in rural Nevada, something our communities cannot afford. In order to build and preserve our local agricultural communities, we urge our fellow Nevadans to vote NO on Question 3.”

“We’re proud to have the Nevada Farm Bureau join our broad coalition of small businesses, public safety and consumer groups, and community leaders from all corners of Nevada who oppose Question 3,” said Tracy Skenandore of the Coalition to Defeat Question 3. “Question 3 would undermine the existing, reliable electricity system that our local agricultural industry and rural communities rely on while at the same time raising those Nevadans’ electricity rates. That’s why we are deeply committed to making sure all Nevadans get the facts on Question 3.”

A recent independent investigation conducted by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) found that Question 3 would increase average monthly residential electric bills for Nevadans for at least the first decade, while exposing Nevada consumers to market volatility and profit-driven ratemaking practices.

The PUCN report further outlines that rural electric co-ops that many rural communities and small businesses rely on to provide electricity would not be protected under Question 3. The state’s major provider, NV Energy, would be forced to sell its power plants and cancel long-term energy agreements. Those costs would be in the billions of dollars and would be passed on to consumers in the form of higher bills.

Other groups and organizations recently joining the bipartisan Coalition to Defeat Question 3 include the Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada, AARP Nevada, Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers, Latin Chamber of Commerce - Nevada, Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce, and the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans, among others.


If passed on Nevada’s November 2018 statewide ballot, Question 3 would dismantle and deregulate Nevada’s existing electricity system and replace it with a new, unknown system established by the legislature and courts.

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