Grassroots Newsletter 2/15

Newsletter for February 15, 2019


New Water Bill Introduced And Warrants Watching

Another new water bill has been introduced, this offered in the Nevada Senate by the Committee on Natural Resources, where the bill has been referred. SB 140 is aimed at providing a 10 percent safety buffer for those groundwater basins which haven’t been fully appropriated. The reserved amount of water would be eligible for the State Engineer to allow temporary use of water if the basin would be covered by a declaration of drought by the Governor or the U.S. Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. If the basin were to be designated as a declared drought by the President of the U.S., the same type of treatment would be authorized.

At this writing, no hearing has been scheduled for further action on the bill.



Nevada Farm Bureau Action Request Sent To Members Regarding SB 132

Nevada Farm Bureau has made a request to Farm Bureau members to contact members of the Nevada Senate’s Education Committee, supporting SB 132, written to limit the uses of revenue generated from agricultural lands that were donated for the purpose of benefitting the University College of Reno, College of Agriculture.Clicking on this link will take you to the Nevada Farm Bureau legislative action portal to help you make the contacts in support of SB 132.

SB 132 is offered by Senator Pete Goicoechea of Eureka County and Senator James Settelmeyer of Douglas County. This bill requires the Board of Regents to use the proceeds and rents from the sale or lease of, or any property received in exchange for, property that is dedicated exclusively for use by the Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture, University of Nevada, Reno, to support, expand and develop programs relating to agriculture at the University or another institution within the System.




Nevada Farm Bureau Joins Groups In Letter Of Support For Wildlife Damage

A number of groups, including Nevada Farm Bureau, are sending a letter to U.S. House and Senate Appropriations and Subcommittee Chairs/Ranking Members, seeking continued support of Wildlife Services at the national level. The letter, authored by the American Sheep Industry Association, calls attention to the fact that wildlife cause more than $12.8 billion in damage each year to natural resources, public infrastructure, private property and agriculture.This link will take you to the American Sheep Industry Association webpage to learn more details.

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