Nevada Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization. Farmers and ranchers in each county throughout the state have the opportunity to discuss issues that are facing agriculture in their respective communities. Through the annual policy development process, members can draft policy recommendations to be presented for further consideration. Each fall, county leaders from all over the state elect delegates to represent their counties. These delegates vote on the policy recommendations brought forth for Farm Bureau policy.

Those resolutions that are approved by the voting delegate body are adopted in the Nevada Farm Bureau Policy Book. NVFB Leadership uses this book to represent the interests of Nevada agriculture in various areas where public policy is addressed, including local, state and federal agencies as well as in legislative discussions. Farm Bureau is one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in our country and works hard to represent the voice of agriculture in every region, state, county, and town.

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To become involved in the policy development process, or to get connected to your local, county Farm Bureau, contact the Nevada Farm Bureau state office. 775.674.4000 or nvfarmbureau@nvfb.org

Nevada Farm Bureau Policy

The following policy positions were approved by Voting Delegates at the 2018 Nevada Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. Please click on the following link to be directed to the 2019 Nevada Farm Bureau Policy Book: 2019 Nevada Farm Bureau Policy Book

American Farm Bureau Policy

The following policies were approved by the Delegates of the 100th AFBF Annual Meeting held in January 2019: 2019 AFBF Policy Book

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