State veterinarian encourages biosecurity to protect horses

As horse owners travel to equine events and rodeos with their animals, the Nevada Department of Agriculture(NDA) is reminding owners to exercise caution and use best biosecurity practices to minimize risk of spreading disease.

Biosecurity means doing everything possible to reduce chances of an infectious disease being transferred by people, animals, equipment or vehicles.

“It is not uncommon to see cases of upper respiratory diseases in horses this time of year, and we notify local veterinarians and the Nevada Veterinary Medical Association when we have new cases,” Dr. JJ Goicoechea, state veterinarian for the NDA, said. “All horse owners should consult with their veterinarian to ensure vaccinations are current.  If you suspect your horse may be exhibiting signs of illness, contact your veterinarian and do not allow contact with other horses.”

Per Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 571.160, any animal owner or practicing veterinarian who has knowledge of a confirmed case of a reportable disease, shall immediately notify the NDA Animal Disease Laboratory. A list of reportable diseases can be found at



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