Statement on Healthcare

Healthcare is a critical issue for Nevada’s farmers and ranchers, as it is for all Americans. There are many good proposals for improving on the system we have today, but there is one idea we must soundly reject—single-payer healthcare.

Bubbling up on the left is the belief that Big Government can solve all our healthcare problems, if only we let them run everything. The evidence says otherwise. The government operates the Veterans Administration, and that massive healthcare bureaucracy has suffered endless scandals, while veterans wait months for appointments and even die from delayed care and dangerous facilities. Our heroes shouldn’t be treated this way, and we shouldn’t put the rest of America in line to join them.

In reality, only our private healthcare system can meet Nevadans’ diverse needs. Whereas single-payer means one choice, private healthcare means thousands of health plan options with different benefits, provider networks, and costs. Whereas government-run healthcare is doomed to inefficiency, private healthcare leverages market competition to drive innovation.

Innovation is how our country will provide high-quality, comprehensive healthcare, without bankrupting the government or hard-working families. For example, we’re now transitioning from fee-for-service, where healthcare entities get paid “just for doing something,” to a model incentivizing better patient outcomes and value. That’s a positive development.

Bottom line, America has the best healthcare in the world. It’s an asset we must preserve—and we can only do so if we protect our private system and keep the government’s hands off.

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