Women's Leadership Committee

Women play a significant role in agriculture and in Farm Bureau. In Nevada Farm Bureau, women play an active role in agricultural promotion and education. Events such as Our Food Link, county fairs and the yearly photo contest provide great opportunities to educate the public about Farm Bureau and Nevada agriculture.

Women’s Communications Boot Camp

The Women’s Communications Boot Camp will be held in the fall in Washington D.C. It offers intensive training for women interested in effectively communicating with elected officials and the media about agricultural issues. The week-long training focuses on public speaking and delivering messages for targeted audiences.

Deadline for Submitting an Application will be: June 1st

Learn more: https://www.fb.org/programs/womensbootcamp

Our Food Link

Our Food Link is a year-round program that county and state Farm Bureaus can use to effectively reach consumers of all ages and backgrounds with information about today’s agriculture. This outreach is more important than ever because the average American is now at least three generations removed from the farm. In fact, farm and ranch families make up less than 2 percent of the U.S. population.

Throughout the year, Farm Bureau members help people connect with sources of clothing, food, shelter and energy in their communities. Activities range from outreach at supermarkets or farmers’ markets to hosting interactive booths at community events, speaking with lawmakers and neighbors about food or visiting a classroom to help students understand agricultural topics.

Agriculture Education

Women’s Leadership Committee plays a vital role in educating students and the general public through Ag Days, classroom outreach, and county fairs.

Fairs create a great opportunity for volunteers to interact with the public and answer questions about agriculture. Nevada no longer has a State Fair so it is important that our volunteers including Farm Bureau Women are involved. In Nevada we have seen increased volunteer assistance at the county level during fair season!

For activities and free lesson plans visit: myamericanfarm.org

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