NDA to host public meetings Feb. 24-27 to discuss Mormon cricket and grasshopper infestation control on public land in Nevada

News & Media / February 13, 2020

The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA), in cooperation with United States Department of Agriculture Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) program, will conduct a series of public meetings to discuss proposed Mormon cricket and grasshopper population management on public lands.

“As part of our agreement with PPQ, we survey grasshopper and Mormon cricket populations to determine what areas to treat and what time frame will provide the most effective treatment,” State Entomologist Jeff Knight said. “With the warmer temperatures in northern Nevada recently, we may see numbers earlier this year.”

The NDA and PPQ will treat public land areas with the goal of protecting crops and public safety. Meetings will be held throughout the state to discuss possible management strategies. Citizen roles and how to report and manage infestations on private property will also be discussed.

“The most important thing citizens can do is report infestations to the NDA Entomology Lab,” Knight said. “The meetings will also discuss private property treatment and prevention methods residents can use.”

The meetings will take place at the following times and locations:

Date Time Location
Feb. 24, 2020 5:30 p.m. Humboldt County Cooperative Extension Office

1085 Fairgrounds Rd. Winnemucca, NV (775) 623-6304

Feb. 25, 2020 9 a.m. Lander County Cooperative Extension Office

815 N. Second St, Battle Mountain, NV (775) 738-5565

Feb. 25, 2020 2 p.m. NDA Elko Office

4780 E. Idaho St. Elko, NV (775) 738-8076

Feb. 26, 2020 10 a.m. Eureka County Cooperative Extension Office

701 S. Main St. Eureka, NV (775) 237-5326

Feb. 26, 2020 2 p.m. Austin Ranger District Office

100 Midas Canyon Rd. Austin, NV (775) 964-2671

Feb. 27, 2019 10 a.m. NDA Sparks Office

405 S. 21st St. Sparks, NV (775) 353-3601


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