Nevada Farm Bureau Prepares Draft Public Comment For Predator Management EA

News & Media / December 18, 2019

Nevada Farm Bureau is working to submit public comments for an Environmental Assessment (EA) that has been prepared for Predator Damage Management in Nevada A current Nevada Farm Bureau draft of the possible comments that will be submitted can be found here.

If you have recommendations on how the Nevada Farm Bureau comments can be improved, please drop an email to We also highly recommend that Farm Bureau members use the contact information provided with this draft document to prepare and submit your own comments on the proposed EA. The deadline for submitting comments is December 27, 2019.

Nevada Farm Bureau is taking a supportive position for the proposed Alternative # 2, drawing attention to the manner in which this proposal will continue the current predator damage management program and extend the protection coverage to all classes of land areas, including designated Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas.

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