Evacu – Ground & Air Ambulance Memberships


Did you know? More than 90% of ground and air ambulances are out-of-network, exposing you and your family to over $50,000 in out-of-pocket costs.


NVFB members are now eligible for a 40% DISCOUNT on the nation’s leading ground and air ambulance membership program offered by Evacu. At one of the lowest prices in the industry, NVFB members and their family will have access to all of the following services anywhere in the United States:


  • Ground & Air Ambulance with no provider or network limitations;
  • Advanced Care Transfer to the nearest hospital capable of providing the medical care that you may need;
  • Local Recovery Transfer to recover in a hospital closer to your family, friends, and home;
  • Visitor Transportation so that you can be surrounded by family or friends, rather than alone in a hospital far from home;
  • Home Return Transportation to get you and your family home once you are released from medical care;
  • Vehicle & Trailer Return to get your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, trailer and more back in your driveway;
  • Pet & Livestock Return to get your small and large animals back home safely;
  • Organ Transplant Transportation to bring you (or the organ) to the site of your procedure; and
  • Mortal Remains Return so that your family can celebrate your life without added heartache


ENROLL TODAY at www.myevacu.com/nvfb for immediate access to all of these services.


See the Membership Agreement for full terms and conditions.

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